About Brian

I wanted to start my own personal site because I wanted to talk about what interests me the most: life-altering and cutting edge advancements in the biomedical field (don’t worry, these will not read as scientific papers), as well as innovative and disruptive products in technology.  My inspiration to start my blog came from my wonderful and supportive girlfriend, Alessa. Go follow her blog at What Are You Going To Have on some amazing fitness, diet, and life advice.

I have always loved math and science, that is why I studied biomedical engineering at Cal Poly. It is fascinating to see how far we have come in the medical industry and I am very interested to see where we go in the future. I have a background in product development and tissue engineering. In school, I wanted to build life-saving products that would transform how the human body interacts with medical devices. Because of the numerous regulations in healthcare, it swayed me to reevaluate how can I really get anything accomplished. I still enjoy reading and hearing all the “cool” things these medical companies are doing. It helps me understand what is going on when I invest in them.

While in college, my friend posted this once in a lifetime opportunity for a summer internship in Singapore at this wildly crazy new technology company. As with 90% of startups, this one didn’t make it. But this opportunity sparked my passion for technology. The fast changing environment (unlike the medical industry) and the ability to create features and designs for users to engage with, ignited my creativity and initially led me to a career in software development. This has since transitioned into product and project management where I am currently a mobile strategist for Moovweb. 

I want to be able to marry my two interest, medical science with technology. I want to build transformative medical products while integrating it with the latest mobile technology. I see the future of healthcare as being very personalized and self-diagnostic. As the saying goes, “no two snowflakes are the same.” Everyone is different, so the need for personalized healthcare will be needed when treating illnesses and diseases. The way people will understand their bodies to determine if they need assistance is through self-diagnostic testing. With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining popularity, everything will soon be linked to our mobile devices, including medical devices. 

Aside from my professional life, I enjoy playing basketball (and watching the Warriors), volleyball, and golf. I am a world traveler, I love to learn and immerse myself in a different country’s culture. I also like to binge watch anything on Netflix or HBOGo while eating snacks. I said I was a “Doritos Muncher”, but I love all snacks (except for anything labeled “salt and vinegar”).

I believe in giving back to my community, specifically around helping and investing in the Bay Area’s youth. Our youth are our future, and everyone deserves a fair shot. If you are interested and in Santa Clara County, I recommend FLY. FLY, or Fresh Lifelines for Youths, is an organization for giving disadvantaged and at-risk youths an opportunity to become more then their troubled pasts. They partner with mentors that provide them leadership, support and guidance to help them reach their full potential. Another organization that I will be getting involved in 2017 is Boost at UC Berkeley. Alessa introduced me to the program having gone through it herself. It is a program that helps high school students facing a scarcity of educational and social opportunities by virtue of their familial or social situations. I cannot wait to work with these young, bright minds.